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$35k - FIVE (5) Taylor C713 soft serve machines (3ph water) package dealUSED machines plus NEW Equipment (freezers, coolers, topping bars, sinks, racking and more). This deal can be customized up to 8 machines or down to 3 machines. This is a blend of used Taylor machines plus brand new equipment.These machines are perfect to open a self serve froyo store or do a Pinkeberry style "full serve" froyo store. Also great machines for a soft serve ice cream store. See details HERE
$25k plus shipping. FULL ICE CREAM STORE PACKAGE DEAL - Six Quart Emery Thompson CB350 batch freezer 1ph air (2015), High Volume Taylor Soft Serve Machine (2011) Model 794 1 phase, air cooled, cold stone/marble slab, 2 Nelson BD12DIP twelve flavor dipping cabinets, table and chairs, freezers, refrigerators, fudge warmers, 3 bowl sink, Clover POS and a ton of other stuff. Like this deal but don't want to make your own? We can remove the Emery CB350 batch freezer and your price is $20k plus shipping. Details and pics HERE
$28,900. Awesome MAKE YOUR OWN ICE CREAM store package deal for someone who wants to open a first class, higher volume (24 quart batch freezer) homemade ice cream store. Includes 4 top line dipping cabinets. All equipment was brand new in 2016. Emery Thompson 24NW Batch Freezer, (3 phase, water cooled). Three (3) Nelson BD14 large conventional dipping cabinets plus one (1) BD12 conventional dipping cabinet. Sold as a package only. You could expect to pay in the $48k neighborhood if you bought this equipment new today. Your price, $28,900 plus shipping. If you want to add other items like hardening cabinets, etc we will give you discounted prices on new equipment add ons. See pictures HERE
2015 Emery Thompson, USED CB350, 1ph air cooled, great working condition. This is the perfect starter batch freezer and will sell FAST. The last 2 CB350's we have offered sold the day the email went out. $8690 includes shipping. If you are interested, don't delay. See details HERE

Yogurt Store Equipment Package- 5 Stoelting 3ph air cooled machines plus POS system and other pieces of equipment $25k plus shipping. HERE
PERFECT Mobile Ice Cream/Yogurt Truck Machine - $7,990. Pressurized, 1 phase, air cooled stoelting F431. FULLY refurbished - See it HERE
Super low cost deal of the week. Taylor C713, 3 ph AIR cooled made in 2008, $4,990. See details HERE
Several Taylor C713, 3 ph WATER cooled made in 2011, $4,990 plus shipping.
Ridiculously low priced deal - 6 Electrofreeze SL-500 (2013) plus glycol chiller =$20k plus shipping HERE
PACKAGE DEAL: $29,900 - FIVE (5) Stoelting F231 (new in 2014) 3ph air cooled , POS system, reach in freezer, countertop refrigerator. HERE
NOW AVAILABLE! USED/NEW package deal "blends". Sometimes the best deals are a blend of USED machines (biggest savings) + NEW refrigeration, topping bars, etc. See 2 examples below. We can customize to fit your needs.

5 Stoelting F231 machines (1ph water) package deal USED plus NEW Equipment HERE
4 Donper Machines - made in 2012. 1 ph air cooled. $7500.
$6,990 1 phase, air cooled Taylor counter top machine model 161. Great condition, hardly used. These counter tops don't last long, so don't delay too much if you want it. $6750 if paid by check. Pictures and details HERE
Taylor C713's, 3 phase, WATER cooled - $5,990 (made in 2012). Discounts on multiple units. Call or email us. Taylor 794s, (2011) 3 phase AIR cooled $6490, discounts on multiple units.

Stoelting F231's, (new in 2013) 3 phase, AIR cooled, $6,990 free shipping. Discounts on multiple units.
Almost brand new Carpigiani FANTASTIK popsicle maker with molds. Cost almost $13k just last year. Hardly used...your price $8,990 plus shipping. Doubles as a blast freezer! If you want to jump in on the hottest trend in the industry (gourmet pops) this is a good start. MAKE AN OFFER. See pics, videos and details HERE
5 Stoelting F231 machines, 3 phase, air cooled plus assorted NEW equipment $30k plus shipping (new topping bar, new 2 door refrigerator, new 1 door freezer).
Five Taylor model C713, 3ph water cooled, were new in 2012 with chiller included for $25k plus shipping.
Taylor C713's, 3 phase, WATER cooled - $5,990 (made in 2012). Discounts on multiple units. Call or email us. Taylor 794s, (2011) 3 phase AIR cooled $6490, discounts on multiple units.
Stoelting F231's, (new in 2013) 3 phase, AIR cooled, $6,990 free shipping. Discounts on multiple units.
One Taylor C723, made in 2014, single phase, water cooled. $4750 HERE
Taylor C712, pressurized unit. 1 phase, AIR cooled Made in 2007, $7990, free shipping see it HERE
Taylor C716, pressurized unit. 1 phase, AIR cooled. Made in 2006, $7990 free shipping. See it HERE
Coming soon, Two Electrofreeeze pressurized Model 30TRMT, 1 phase $6990 each
Up to six (6) Electrofreeze 2013 SL-500 machines, 3 phase water cooled $5,990 each. Big discounts if you want more than one. HERE
Used Donper single phase, air cooled machines, $3990. Buy all 5 for $17,900 free shipping. HERE
Taylor 8756, 3 phase, water cooled made in 2009 $6990 HERE
  • Taylor C723 w Flavorburst (new in 2016) - Cost $20k just 2 years ago. Your price $14,900 HERE
  • Taylor Model 340 Frozen Beverage Machine (new in 2016) w Flavorburst, cost $15k just 2 years ago. Your price $9,500 HERE
CUSTOMIZE your full self serve yogurt store package deal: Save big by going with a BLEND of USED machines and NEW equipment. As an example deal see our 3 Machine Package featuring used Stoelting F231 water cooled* machines. Plus: brand new POS system, new topping bar, new 2 door cooler and new 1 door freezer. Perfect package for small store or someone who wants to add ice cream or frozen yogurt to their existing business. Want more or fewer machines with this deal? Don't want some of the items? Want furniture? No problem. Let's talk. Want Taylor or Electrofreeze machines instead? Again, no problem. We will build the package around your needs. See the package detailsHERE
Pressurized 2009 Taylor 8756, 3 phase, water cooled $8990 $6990 HERE
Pressurized Stoelting F431, $8,990 -1 phase, air cooled, made in 2010 Low amps, air cooled makes it the perfect vending truck machine. Details HERE
  • FIVE PACK ELECTROFREEZE pressurized 180TRMT. 3 phase, AIR cooled. Rear loaded, perfect pressurized machine for yogurt stores. Machines were new in 2012 and in great shape. See the deal HERE
Need more than one machine? Just ask as we do have multiple units available in certain models.
  • We have individual Taylor, Stoelting and Electrofreeze machines. Air and Water cooled. Single and 3 phase. Call or email us and we will put together a customized quote. Nobody will give you a better price than we will and we stand behind what we sell.
  • Two Down to ONE large Nelson Mobile Smoothie Cart, seller paid $9k each just 2 years ago. $5,990 each See pics HERE
ROSS Custard Maker with remote condensing unit. Older machine, but in good working condition and for a great price. 3 phase. $7,990 includes shipping
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