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If you are reading this you have probably purchased used soft serve machines from us. Here are a few important things you
need to know:

  • If the equipment is damaged beyond repair, you have the right to refuse it. If you are receiving multiple machines, and only one is damaged beyond repair, best to refuse the badly damaged unit and accept the rest. If one or more machines have what looks like cosmetic damage over and above what you would typically expect from used equipment, then write "damaged" on the paperwork before you sign it. If you don't inspect the equipment, and later find damage, it is virtually impossible to file a claim.

  • You have 14 days after you receive the machines to report back any mechanical malfunction. At this point, you can call the local service tech and get them out there to diagnose then repair the problem. You present us with the invoice, and we will cut you a check. But remember that you have to report the problem to us within that first 14 days. Machine doesn't have to be repaired within 14 days, but you do need to report the problem to use within that period. After the 14 day inspection period, any repairs will be your responsibility.

  • Some buyers want the tech to come out and inspect the machine prior to first operating it. This is fine and we encourage it to a certain degree, because we want you to properly learn how to operate the machine. A tech can also confirm that is it properly hooked up (electrically). We will not cover the cost of damage done if you try to hook it up without a licensed electrician and its done wrong. We do not pay the cost of having a tech come out and train you (not a bad investment if you decide to do this). We also don't or pay for a tech to tell you "this machine is fine" (again, not a bad idea to invest in this if it makes you feel better, but we aren't paying for it). Most of the time, our customers will have a professional electrician hook up the machine and then they will learn how to operate it using a combination of the manual and online videos. If the machine has a mechanical problem, you get the tech out there asap and let us know by sending an email and calling us. Once the work is done, you present the invoice from the tech and we cut you a check.

  • If you decide to invest in having a tech there early in the process to inspect the machine and make sure you are properly trained, that is fine. Here is what we ask: Please don't tell the tech that "TurnKeyParlor is paying for any problems". This just encourages the tech to possibly find problems that really aren't there and run up the bill because someone else is paying for it. We are all about covering legitimate mechanical issues and honoring our warranty which guarantees the machine to be in good working condition, but we also don't want to be paying unfair expenses. For example, the tech says, this part might wear out in a year, so let's replace it now since is paying:-) We price our used machines as low as possible and deliver good working machines, but we don't want to be taken advantage of by a tech who gets a little too excited. You are trusting us to deliver a good working machine and to honor our guarantee of covering 100% of any legitimate mechanical problems and we are trusting you to not take advantage of our guarantee.