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12 K Nemox Batch Freezer 12 K Nemox Batch Freezer

12 K PRO Nemox Batch Freezer: This Batch Freezer is 120/60 Single Phase & Air Cooled! Made In Italy. Commercial ELT approved NSF approved!

Price: $8,500.00
K20 Counter-Top Batch Freezer K20 Counter-Top Batch Freezer

This listing is for the Cattabriga K20 Batch Freezer!

Price: $12,950.00
Pro 4 Batch Freezer Pro 4 Batch Freezer


80 liters of ice cream per hour up to 12 liters per cycle

Exclusive Ecostart System (Patented)

Start and soft blade and scrapper shutdown. Longer lasting equipment shelf life. Savings up to 20% energy compared to competition.

Front inlet for ingredients
A funnel with hydrodynamic format avoids mixture accumulation and it is easy to operate

Protection grid Inlet/outlet
Designed exclusive for fruits and solid ingredients. Has a wide exit for very fast ice cream extraction

No water drops in the ice cream
The insulated front plastic lid avoids cold loss and prevents the formation of water drops that may fall into the ice cream during extraction

Ice cream quality
A triple dasher allows soft and creamy ice cream extraction

Comfortable height for easy operation; panel with a good visual inclination and side handles; easy to operate and move from one place to another; container support with adjustable height, for containers up to 12 liters

Light and Durable
Easy to move, performs well under heavy operation

A high precision seamless tube with rounded edges allows a smooth flow of ice cream during the extraction process. Easy to clean and 100% hygienic

Safety and hygiene
The machine shuts off when the tilting frontal lid is accidentally opened. Lid easy to mount, dismount, and clean

Flavor change
6 small self-adjustable blades in a helical dasher guarantee complete ice cream extraction.

Easy maintenance
Self-adjusting dasher and quick cutting blades easily replaced by the operator

Thermal bearings insulation
Increases the mechanical systemís durability

Price: $13,900.00
PRO 16 - Batch Freezer PRO 16 - Batch Freezer

PRO 16 - Batch Freezer

PRO 16 - Batch Freezer

This listing is for the PRO-16 Batch Freezer. This batch freezer is a semi-automated machine that produces water based ice cream (pineapple, lemon etc.) or milk based (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla etc.).

This Batch Freezer is perfect f
or small and medium ice cream makers who already have some experience in this industry, or for professionals who want to increase their production with a high-quality final product, guaranteed by using a modern and 100% hygienic machine.

It is designed for ice cream producers that serve their product on site or commercially distribute their product in containers between 7 to 12

Technical Details
Consumption of electricity 4,8 kW.
Electrical Installation 220 V - 380 V, Monophase - Biphase - Triphase, 50/60 Hz.
Crate dimensions Length = 1050 mm, Width = 700 mm, Height = 1500 mm.
Equipment Dimensions Length = 720 mm, Width = 500 mm, Height = 1313 mm.
Gross Weight with crate 200 kg.
Net Weight 160 kg.
Production Capacity Up to 126.8 quarts (120 liters) per hour.
Condensation Water.

Price: $14,980.00
Table Top Batch Freezer - Commercial Ice Cream Maker Table Top Batch Freezer - Commercial Ice Cream Maker

Table Top Commercial Ice Cream Batch Maker Machine

Price: $16,970.00
Like new, 2018, Carpigiani LB502RTX Batch Freezer Like new, 2018, Carpigiani LB502RTX Batch Freezer

2018 Carpigiani LB502RTX Batch Freezer

2018 Carpigiani LB502RTX Batch Freezer

This listing is for a Carpigiani LB502RTX Batch Freezer! With less than 50 hours, was used in a test kitchen by a manufacturer. This is a brand new unit, still under warranty. These units sell for $44k brand new. Save over $10k

LB502RTX Carpigiani More Photos LB502RTX Spec Sheet

Price: $33,500.00