Financing Your purchases - We get it. As a business owners, we are always looking for cost effective ways to hold onto as much cash as possible. Below are a few ways to make that happen

QuickSpark - Our primary lender that is fully integrated into our website. See the application HERE

  • As with all of our financing options, QuickSpark is a third party lender, which means a separate company that is basically going to pay us and you are going to pay them. We do not see your contract with them or have any idea what your interest rate, etc is. That is between you and the lender. Once you electronically sign the paperwork, they will cut a check and pay us on your behalf and then you will make payments to them directly. Please make sure you read the contract carefully. We have been told by some customers that Quickspark may not allow "early pay" in order to save on interest.
  • Don't like the deal you got from Quickspark? Apply with Vendlease and compare the offers. Apply HERE

Paypal Credit:
  • If you are buying less than $10k, then Paypal credit is probably the simplest option. You can just check out of the website using this option, selecting paypal credit during check out and they will put you right into the application and you will be instantly approved or rejected. The great thing about Paypal Credit is its speed. Secondarily if you pay the full balance within the first 6 months, you will pay zero interest on the money. If there is any money owed after 6 months, you will pay 20%+ interest on the full amount from day one. Paypal credit, while probably the best overall deal, is probably the hardest to get approved for.

Other Leasing/Financing Companies: Don't like any of the above options? Didn't get approved by either of the above options? Try these other lenders.

Leasing Company Options:

QUICKSPARK Financial, powered by Leasestation. Click HERE to learn more Sterling Capital Leasing - Contact: Barry Fink - Phone: 631-414-7570 E-Mail: E-Lease Funding - Contact: Dave Kolle - Phone 866-237-5031 E-Mail: